101 airborne combat patch
2nd Battalion
Vietnam 1968
January 1968

The 2d Battalion (Abn), 501st Infantry began the new year in the III CTZ operating area in the
vicinity of Cu Chi, RVN.

During the first portion of January 1968, the 2d Battalion (Abn), 501st Infantry operated in the
vicinity of Cu Chi, RVN and participated in both Operation Uniontown and Normandy. No
significant contact was made during this period; however, numerous mines and booby traps were

January 26, 1968

The entire Battalion was
airlifted to Hue in northern I CTZ. The Battalion CP was located in the
vicinity of what was called Camp Eagle. During the remainder of the year, the Battalion operated
within a 50 kilometer radius of Hue.

January 27,1968

2-501 IN went into its positions.

January 29 1968

2-501 would join the BDE at LZ Jane but meanwhile it would move to the CAV’s new base at
Camp Evans to perform perimeter security.

Operations during the year included, reconnaissance in force, search and destroy, cordon and
search, and security missions. Contact was sporadic and ranged from encounters with individuals
trail watchers to engagements with reinforced platoons in well prepared defensive positions.
During the year the Battalion was commanded by three different individuals: LTC Richard Tallman
(1 Jan – 27 Apr 1968), LTC J. A. Heiter (27 Apr – 4 Nov 1968), and LTC J. C. Wilson (4 Nov
1968 - ). Also, during the year, the Battalion was reorganized from an airborne to an airmobile
configuration while continuing to perform all missions assigned.
23 December 1967  2-501, and 1-502 send out first operations outside their perimeter.  1-502 is
ambushed, suffering the brigade’s first two KIAs of Vietnam.