101 airborne combat patch
2nd Brigade
Vietnam 1967 - 1968


Listen you citizens, and listen well,
When stories are told of men in hell,
Look at the man, and give him ear,
For this man knows the meaning of fear.

Look for the man with a 101st crest,
He fought with giants, He's one of the best,
He knows what it is to fall from the sky,
To fight like a man, and yes, even to die.

He fought with men, a special breed,
True to their oath, the Paratrooper's Creed,
Those men of iron who have a bond to keep,
With comrades below in graves to deep.

He fought in the day and he fought at night,
He killed in anger and he killed in fright,
He buried his dead, and then wondered in awe,
"This killing of men, is this God's law?"

A task he had, and hell would pay,
Before this trooper would quit that day,
So he kept on fighting and hunting VC,
For a world, which someday, might freer be.

A warning to you, who laugh and scorn,
This man did not fight for a cause forlorn,
He's done his job, more than his share,
So beware of him when he enters your lair.

This man means trouble for all your kind,
You shrinks and cowards, with a sick, soul and mind,
Beware his temper, that you do not burst,
Because he's a fighter-from the 101st.