101 airborne combat patch
501st Infantry Regiment (Airborne)
Vietnam 1967 - 1968
The traditional paratrooper cry "GERONIMO" was originated in the 501st and dates back to 1940.

The night before their first attempt to prove the feasibility of a mass jump, some U.S.
Paratroopers at Fort Benning watched the film Geronimo (1939). While drinking with fellow
paratroopers after the show, Private Aubrey Eberhardt announced he would shout the name
"Geronimo" when he jumped to prove he was not scared. He followed through with his promise
and the practice soon caught on within the unit, becoming its unofficial motto.

When the 501st was created the name was confirmed as the unit's official motto, with the
permission of the real Geronimo's family.

The unit's motto "Geronimo," a phrase that has become synonymous with paratroopers and
parachutists in general.