101 airborne combat patch
501st Infantry Regiment (Airborne)
Vietnam 1967 - 1968
April 6, 1968

Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Infantry was in a major clash with a sizable NVA unit 35km
northwest of Hue in Quang Tri Province. Rifleman from A/2/501st Inf. accounted for 17 dead
NVA 35 miles northwest of Hue.
March 21, 1968

Late in the evening the North Vietnamese mad a daring attack on the night defensive perimeter of
the 2/501st using B-40 rockets as covering fire. Using small arms, automatic weapons, and direct
artillery fire, the paratroopers drove the enemy force off, killing 22.
01 April 1968

2-501st BN deployed to Utah Beach North of Hue and subsequently established Firebase Hardcore
southwest of this area. During the operations in this area over 60 NVA were killed.