All The Way
airborne wings
Alpha Company left for Vietnam comprised of soldiers who graduated
from the United States Army's Basic Airborne Course.
Jump School three weeks of intensive training.
There is something special about a paratrooper, which sets him apart from other soldiers. It is not
simply the fact he jumps out of an airplane. He is ready to fight, knowing the enemy will probably
out number him and his survival depends on his ability to catch the enemy by surprise and destroy
him. Then continue to fight with limited food, equipment, and ammunition until he is reinforced.

To be Airborne is a key requirement of all modern special warfare units. The level of personal
commitment required of a paratrooper is essential for joining their ranks. In order to be an
airborne soldier, one has to be fit and able to endure physical hardship beyond that required of an
ordinary soldier. A paratrooper is not likely to be the kind of soldier who would fold under fire.
The “airborne spirit” ensures that he will fight, and fight well.
The Airborne Creed.