101 airborne combat patch
2nd Battalion Chaplain
Vietnam 1967 - 1968
I remember our Chaplain a heavyset guy.
One Sunday morning while we were set up in a temporary base camp; I believe it was
sometime in March of 68. The Chaplin was conducting a church service with a few of us.
He was closing his sermon with the altar call when we came under fire. (Rockets) The
Chaplin was hit in the stomach,  we all hit the dirt and started for our positions. The
Chaplin yelled out "wait I am not finished praying for you" He quickly finished his prayer
then we scattered. I was very impressed by that action even as he was wounded the
Chaplin's thoughts more about us then himself.

Comments by Doug
Chaplain (Captain) William W. Erbach  conducting Memorial Services for A Company's dead.
South Vietnam 1968
Photo provided by Joe Ysais.