101 airborne combat patch
Michael Davis
Davis arrived in Vietnam 1968 and was assigned to 1st Platoon..
He presently lives in Mason City, IA.
I just arrived as a replacement. Everyone was talking about all the casualties that A Company was
having. They loaded me on a Huey and flew me out to the Company.

When I arrived, A Company was about ready to sweep a village. I was put on-line next to
Turnley. I asked him if he thought it was a hot village. He said, “we would soon find out”. I told
him I just arrived and they had only given me three magazines of ammo. He said, "not to worry".
"If you need more, there would be plenty of dead bodies to get ammo off of."

Story by: Mike Davis
Davis at the beach.
Davis with members of 1st squad
Davis is interviewed by hometown paper.
Group picture of 1st Squad.
Photo - 3 Friends