101 airborne combat patch
July 25, 1968
Vietnam 1967 - 1968
The company was crossing a valley when we came to a fast moving river. We used ropes to get
across the river. I was coiling up the ropes when Huey gunships made a pass at us with guns
blazing. I was out in the open on the riverbank a perfect target. They flew over me and fired on
the company.

Berrigan was the only casualty. He was medi-vaced out and died the next day. I lost my closest
friend. This was the 2nd time we lost someone to friendly fire.

I often wonder what if I had not stayed behind to secure the rope. I always walked in front of
Berrigan on patrol when not walking point. I should have been standing where he was. It has only
been 7 months and Cobb and I are the only ones left in the 1st Platoon from Fort Campbell.

Combat account by: Floyd